According to the Conduser “… 30 percent of the income of the Marta Bank, comes from the collection of commissions” What does this mean? Well, in the first place, it means that these “little ones” for bank commission concepts do have an impact on two economies, yours and that of the financial institution. The sad reality is that they do not impact in the same positive way for both.


The commissions of the banks

The commissions of the banks

The banks have found in Mexico the possibility of increasing their profits thanks to the commissions they can charge:

  • Annuities
  • ATM withdrawal
  • Account statements impressions
  • Plastics refills
  • Deposits
  • Transfers among others

Each one, of the 5 310 types of commissions that the Conduser has registered, represents for the banks a few cents (In the best case for the user) that will add to its final profit.

According to the same institution, these gains last year were as follows:

“ Commercial Banking obtained 108 billion pesos for the collection of net commissions (8 percent more than in 2016)”, of which “50 percent was pro loans granted, 23 percent for collection and services and 27 percent for other rates not specified ”.

Awesome? It certainly is. But even more impressive, it is the fact that all users of a financial product or service have contributed to it.

Yes, however few cents are, no account holder or investor escapes these fees. And well, this is like rounding, it is little and in a person it seems almost imperceptible but … If we see it at the branch level? Bank? Users of financial services? There the figure grows exponentially and drastically.

Given the above conditions it is recommended that users review their account statements and verify if they are actually being charged only what they signed in the contract.


How does it affect you as a user?

How does it affect you as a user?

As we said, although many of the bank commissions may be represented by a few pesos even pennies sometimes it is a fact that if they harm the user, how?

Everyday banking institutions take greater control of people’s financial life. In short, there will be no transaction that we can do without a bank plastic or bank digital key in between.

This has been wisely taken advantage of by financial institutions that, seeing the need to digitalize money by people, impose quotas (commissions) almost imperceptible that have three characteristics:

  • They are mandatory for the use or enjoyment of the banking service
  • They are domiciled and add to the revolving balance in the case of credits
  • They are not controlled in maximum amounts by any higher institution, that is, each bank charges what it considers appropriate

As users of the bank and with any financial institution, if it affects us, it affects us too much since the collection of this type of commissions for almost “any movement” denotes the lack of regularization that the banks maintain with this type of collection.

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