Although Easter is not a time when we get into debt more often than during the whole year, the number of loans taken out on this occasion is growing. How do you borrow so you don’t get in trouble? Where to look for loans at the last minute? Here are some tips.


Before you borrow – evaluate wisely

Before you borrow - evaluate wisely

Borrowing is not about overburdening yourself. Therefore, the first thing we do before sending a loan application should be to analyze our needs and options. It is important that we have an outline of our financial situation. Easter does not require resources such as Christmas. This does not change the fact that we should also take into account the coming month, because then we will probably pay back the loan. Let’s sum up (not only holiday) expenses and the amount we will have. Thanks to this, we will know what amount we need.


Ask, read, do not choose lightly

Hasty decisions can cost us dearly. Why? Without making sure what we agree to and commit ourselves to when signing the loan agreement, we can overlook the contractual costs resulting from late repayments, reminders and reminders. So let’s spend some time reading the documents we are to sign, because then we can only blame ourselves.

It is also important that we clarify matters incomprehensible to us. Most loan companies work on weekends, so we have a lot of opportunities to dispel doubts and easily submit an application and sign a contract.


If not payday, what?

payday loan

For smaller amounts, the easiest (and fastest) option is to use the offer of online lending companies. Filling out the application on the website takes no more than 5 minutes. In addition, when applying for a loan via the Internet, as per the tray, we have all the components of a later installment to pay. Although we will be informed of all costs, commissions and interest, remember to look at the table of fees and commissions.

In an equally convenient situation are people who have a personal account with a credit limit. Overdraft means that you do not have to submit credit applications or submit income statements. The debit is repaid in pre-determined monthly installments, or, most often, this is because the account debt is covered by the funds that will affect the account.

All those who are looking for a larger amount can take advantage of a cash loan, but in this case, we rather do not have to count on quick withdrawal of funds to our account. For a bank to grant a cash loan, it must check that we are not listed in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), examine our creditworthiness, review the required certificates. This is definitely an option for those who can wait.

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